Grand Chase Chaos was known as the newest Grand Chase series and now, it has all the 13 characters:
-Elesis, the Knight
-Lire, the Archer
-Arme, the Magician
-Ryan, the Druid
-Ronan, the Spell Knight
-Sieghart, the Gladiator
-Jin, the Fighter
-Amy, the Dancer
-Marie, the Rune Caster
-Lass, the Thief
-Dio, the  Stygian (his original job was his 1st job, Drakar.)
-Zero, the Wanderer
-Ley, the Summoner
And now the new Dungeons (Archimedia):
-Archimedia is a Continent where you will face robots as your enemies. In indonesia and the whole wide world, it was already released and all players can play in the Archimedia as long as they already unlocked the Continent of course.
-Drawven Base or known as Hammer Reach. it was the first dungeon in Archimedia. for players who have free dungeon pass or for those who have unlock the Continent can enter this dungeon.
-Under Hammer or known as the Supply Route. Under Hammer is the 2nd dungeon in Archimedia.
-Thunder Hammer is the 3rd dungeon in Archimedia and it was the Capital city of Archimedia. You’re going to face Duel and Arawn here. if you played the Champion mode and defeated Duel (Void), he will dropped his weapon (transcend or the Eclipse) or his card.
-Relics of Kounat. for now, this Dungeon is the last dungeon of the Archimedia. Well, i can say that this is a really special dungeon ’cause, you will have 500 seconds to finish of the Dimensional portals. if you’re run out of time, Veron’s and Drawl’s ghosts will spawn and also, you can’t defeat the Dimensional portals unless, you defeat the Assassin Champion, the mini boss. The boss enemy is also will appear in random.

Grand Chase Chaos will release for Indonesia this Thursday. i think that the first new character will be Dio with his job Stygian.
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